Supporting science that matters

The Erasmus Trustfonds intends to promote the growth and efflorescence of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). It has a yearly available budget to stimulate impactful research and support excellent students and academic staff at EUR. With its financial support, the Erasmus Trustfonds co-fosters the aims of EUR. EUR aims to invest in science that matters. To do so, the university developed three programmes – the three Erasmus Initiatives – that increase the social and economic impact of EUR. The three Erasmus Initiatives are:


  • Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity
  • Smarter Choices for Better Health
  • Vital Cities and Citizens
  • Artificial Intelligence

The Erasmus Trustfonds aims to support research projects that match the Erasmus Initiatives. You can read more about the Erasmus Initiatives here. The Erasmus Trustfonds further provides financial support to projects for which our contribution will help attract other sources of financial aid. The Erasmus Trustfonds also supports EUR-students. It provides grants to individual excellent students who are in need of financial support and supports activities that aim to improve the student life at EUR. Finally, we make an effort to increase the exchange of knowledge between academics.


Named funds

In addition to the projects that match the aims above, the Erasmus Trustfonds also finances projects that match the interests of specific donors, or that match areas of expertise represented at the EUR, such as entrepreneurship and sustainability. This support is granted through our earmarked funds, the so called ‘named funds’. These funds are designated to a specific topic, in line with the wishes of the benefactor. More information on the Named funds managed by the Erasmus Trustfonds can be found here.


Supported projects

Annually, the Erasmus Trustfonds receives approximately 500 applications. Of these applications it awards financial support to close to 350 applicants through scholarships, grants and prizes.
To see whether you can apply for funding at the Erasmus Trustfonds, please read the guidelines carefully. In case you have any questions after reading the information on the website, you can contact the Erasmus Trustfonds staff via


You can contact us via


Consequences due to corona-meausures

The Erasmus Trustfonds strives to be a reliable and stable partner for Erasmus University Rotterdam, its students and researchers. We are committed to support the university, even in difficult times. We, however, may also have to adjust our practices in response to the consequences of the corona virus. Depending on future developments, calls for application may be cancelled or postponed. If so, we will inform you via our website


Did you receive a grant for an activity that has to be cancelled or postponed due to the corona epidemic? The Erasmus Trustfonds will assess the consequences for each grant on a case-by-case basis. The assessment will take into account whether: a) the activity can be postponed to a later date; b) the applicant has taken all necessary steps to prevent costs; and c) whether incurred costs can be reimbursed by the applicant’s insurance. In all cases where activities cannot be carried out in accordance with the agreements, we urge you to inform the Erasmus Trustfonds, as is indicated in the grant letter.