Supporting science that matters

The Erasmus Trustfonds intends to promote the growth and efflorescence of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

The Erasmus Trustfonds supports research projects that are in line with Strategy 2024 and other EUR-priorities. Currently, it encompasses research within the Erasmus Initiatives and the convergence between EUR, Erasmus MC and TU Delft. The Erasmus Trustfonds further provides financial support to research projects for which our contribution will help attract other sources of financial aid.
The Erasmus Trustfonds also supports EUR-students. It provides grants to individual excellent students who are in need of financial support and supports activities that aim to improve the student life at EUR. Finally, we make an effort to increase the exchange of knowledge between academics.
Annually, the Erasmus Trustfonds receives approximately 300 applications. Of these applications it awards financial support to close to 175 applicants through scholarships, grants and prizes.


Named funds

In addition to the projects that match the aims above, the Erasmus Trustfonds also finances projects that match the interests of specific donors, or that match areas of expertise represented at the EUR, such as entrepreneurship and sustainability. This support is granted through our earmarked funds, the so called ‘named funds’. These funds are designated to a specific topic, in line with the wishes of the benefactor. More information on the named funds managed by the Erasmus Trustfonds can be found here.