Application procedure

The Erasmus Trustfonds grants support to different types of applications:  research projects, research visits, student support, student life and other activities.

Please note that the application may vary across application types and might be subject to change.

  • Carefully read the application guidelines and make sure you meet the requirements for the specific type of application you want to submit.
  • Go to our application portal and create an account.
  • Create a ‘new application’ in the application portal.
  • Fill out the questions and submit the necessary documents. To see which information is requested in the online application procedure, please consult the preview of the application portal here.
  • Grant applications up to €10.000,- can be written in Dutch or English. Grant applications of €10.000,- and more must be written in English.
  • Please avoid the use of technical abbreviations and jargon, unless adequately explained.

Submit your complete application together with all necessary documents, before the deadline.

Applications are carefully processed and all personal and research information provided will be handled confidentially.

During the decision procedure, applications are assessed based on the formal eligibility criteria (e.g. does the applicant meet the requirements and is the application complete) and based on substantive assessment criteria, in line with the aims of the Erasmus Trustfonds and the named funds under the supervision of the Erasmus Trustfonds. The assessment criteria, amongst others, take into account:

  • To what extent the application contributes to the core aims of the Erasmus Trustfonds and/or the Named Funds;
  • The expected quality of the proposed activities;
  • The expected societal impact of the proposed activities;
  • To what extent the application involves Erasmus University Rotterdam, its students and employees, e.g. how many Erasmus University Rotterdam-students are expected to participate and whether the activities take place at an Erasmus University Rotterdam-location;
  • The quality of the application;
  • Whether the activities can proceed without the support of the Erasmus Trustfonds.

Grants are awarded based on priority of the application and available budget.

Applications under €10.000,- are assessed by the Erasmus Trustfonds staff and the Erasmus Trustfonds board. We aim to do so within six weeks. However, in exceptional cases, it might take longer before a decision is made.

Applications of €10.000,- and more are decided upon by the Erasmus Trustfonds board and/or a disbursement committee. The disbursement committee might consult independent experts for a peer-review. Based on the outcome of the peer-reviews, the disbursement committee advises the board. The decision procedure for these applications typically takes three months.

During the decision procedure, the Erasmus Trustfonds staff might contact you for further information.

A notification of the decision will be sent to the applicant by e-mail. You will receive a reference number for any communication about your application. In all further correspondence, please mention the assigned reference number.

If support is granted, the grant letter states the amount granted and the requirements/conditions under which the grant is made. We might, for example, require a report of the activities. Additional requirements can apply. Together with the grant letter, a so called ‘payment request form’ is sent, in which we ask you to accept the grant and the applicable conditions and to provide us with a bank account number to which we can transfer the funds.

The transfer of the funds can only proceed after the requirements are met, as stipulated in the grant letter and after we receive the payment request form, with, amongst others, the following information:

  • A Dutch bank account number is provided, to which the Erasmus Trustfonds can transfer the funds. Preferably, this is a bank account of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. With the exception of grants for students who go on exchange, we do not transfer funds to personal bank accounts.
  • A payment reference, e.g. WBS-number or cost center of your department.

In the grant letter you are requested to submit a financial and substantive account. Please find a template for this report here.

You can download our logo here. When using a background of color, you can use our white logo. Please use them in your communication and marketing materials.

For further information on the Erasmus Trustfonds grant programmes, please contact or +31 (0)10 411 05 96. Or check the FAQ-page.