If you are a grant recipient and the Covid-19 pandemic influenced your research, projects or activities to such an extent that they must be adjusted, cancelled or postponed, you are required to inform us timely, as these changes might have financial consequences. We will assess the consequences for each grant on a case-by-case basis. This assessment will consider whether:

a) The activity can be adjusted or postponed to a later date

b) The applicant has taken all necessary steps to prevent costs

c) Whether incurred costs can be reimbursed by the applicant’s insurance

In all cases where activities cannot be carried out in accordance with the initial application and agreements, we urge you to inform the Erasmus Trustfonds, via applications@trustfonds.nl, as indicated in the grant letter.  

Please check this page for all the upcoming deadlines.

Yes, you can. When you have filled out all obliged fields and click ‘next’ the form will automatically save your application. Please do note that all required fields have to be filled out. After clicking ‘next’ you can leave the form and return to it later on.

Grant applications must be written in Dutch or English, with the exception of grant applications for research projects exceeding €10.000,-. These applications must be written in English due to the potential peer-review procedure that these applications are subject to.

Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds, in principle, provides support to an individual or association no more than once every 12 months. Applications by individuals or associations who have been awarded financial support over the past 12 months, therefore, are not eligible for support. Submitting more than one application within 12 months, will thus result in a rejection. Applications for research projects are an exception to this rule.

You can make an estimation of the costs and send proof of the actual costs afterwards.

Please avoid the use of technical abbreviations and/or technical terms, unless adequately explained.

Yes, PhD candidates are considered to be members of the academic staff.

A controller is the financial-, business-, or project controller responsible for the financial administration of your project. He/she has to approve your project budget and financial report. The head of your department or your supervisor is not a controller.

Applications up to €10.000 are typically handled within 6 weeks. For applications of €10.000 and more, the process can take up to three months.

Inform us if there are changes to your project, as this might influence the support you receive.

Please inform us before the deadline, as it might be possible to postpone the deadline.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The Erasmus Trustfonds only grants the amount necessary to cover a deficit, after all other sources of income have been used.