Research and Education Projects Application


The Erasmus Trustfonds opens up a continual call for proposals for academic projects fostering the growth and flourishing of Erasmus University Rotterdam and its faculties and institutions. These projects can be both pilot projects and/or research projects. Pilot projects should be innovative and aimed at producing proof of principle for a full-blown research project. A successful pilot project will not lead ‘as a matter of course’ to a follow-up grant of the Erasmus Trustfonds. A grant application for a follow-up research project at another granting body has to be considered. Research projects should fit with the focus of the call (if a specific focus applies) and be innovative.


Applications for Research & Education Projects need to comply with the general application guidelines, which can be found here.

For research and education projects, the following additional requirements apply:

  • The applicant is an academic staff member of EUR. He/she has an employment contract at EUR and, as such, is enrolled in EUR payment system;
  • Partial funding of at least 50% is required from other sources, such as EUR, its faculties, departments, institutes, and/or third parties;
  • The application is endorsed by a full professor and the head of the department or faculty dean.

Applications that do not meet the requirements above will not be accepted.

Requests of €50.000,- and more can be assessed by the disbursement committee and independent external reviewers.


applying for €10.000 or less:

  • 4 February 2019
  • 6 May 2019
  • 2 September 2019
  • 7 October 2019

applying for more than €10.000:

All deadlines at 12.00 hrs CET.


Research and Education

Curriculum Vitae:

In your Curriculum Vitae (resume) please address the following items:

  • General information, including:
    • academic training;
    • (inter) national work-experience.
  • Three scientific achievements that you are most proud of (approximately 120 words).
  • Research:
    • Short summary of the last 5 years (max. 120 words);
    • Theses supervised (promotor or co-promotor);
    • Grant allocation (applicant or co-applicant);
    • Five most influential publications;
    • Search string for international academic publications.
  • Teaching:
    • Short summary of the last 5 years (max. 120 words);
    • Teaching qualifications.
  • Impact creation:
    • Short summary of the last 5 years (max. 120 words);
    • Ancillary positions.