Are you planning to apply for a research grant of more than €10.000? Then first submit a pre-proposal. Our staff will assess the pre-proposal on the likelihood of funding, taking into account the requirements and preferences of the Erasmus Trustfonds. This process enables us to give you preliminary feedback on your proposed research.

After submitting your pre-proposal, you receive an invitation to submit a full proposal, or a negative advice. Since this is an advice and not a formal decision, applicants can still submit a full proposal despite a negative advice.


We advise you to use around 500 words maximum for the summary.


Download the pre-proposal form


Are you planning to apply for a different type of grant? Or are you an EUR-employee or student with a brilliant idea and looking for funds? You can check our guidelines to see if you qualify for an Erasmus Trustfonds grant. If you have any doubts, whether you qualify, send an e-mail to, with a brief explanation of your idea and your phone number and we will get back to you.