Project report & logo

Report of the project

We want to keep our community informed on the projects we support. Therefore, we ask our beneficiaries to share with us the outcomes of their activities. Did you receive funds from the Erasmus Trustfonds? Please send us a brief report and image of your project.

We expect a final report within two months after the project finishes. Upon receipt of a sufficient report the remaining amount granted will be transferred.

For grants awarded to student-, study- or other organizations recognized by EUR to advance student life, a report of the activities is expected at the end of the academic year in which the activities took place and by July 31st the latest.

In case more than €10.000 is granted and the project lasts for over a year, an annual progress report has to be submitted.


We also appreciate it if you, as a beneficiary of the Erasmus Trustfonds, help us show the world which projects we support. You can do so by mentioning that your project is supported by the Erasmus Trustfonds, and by using our logo in any related publicity or communication (publications, presentations, other communication etc.). You may download the version of our logo that suits your format below.

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