Objective and vision


The foundation’s main aim is to promote the growth and prosperity of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

The foundation seeks to achieve this goal by attracting, acquiring, managing and investing monies and assets that are granted as a subsidy, guarantee, loan or otherwise risk-bearing forms to or for the benefit of:

  • scientific research and education at EUR and at its affiliated institutions, institutes and special chairs;
  • facilities, libraries and scientific collections of the EUR;
  • the development and accessibility of software in the field of information technology for research and education at the EUR;
  • the financing of specific activities and projects of the EUR and its affiliated institutions;
  • the financing of specific activities and projects that contribute to the purpose of the foundation;
  • provisions for students and (student) organizations that are affiliated with or committed to the EUR;
  • students, alumni, doctoral candidates and all those who are affiliated with the EUR in any way as a professor, staff member or otherwise, including the provision of scholarships, advances and stipends and the financing of study trips, study and education abroad to established universities and associated institutions, the aforementioned in the broadest sense of the word and furthermore all other means that are useful for achieving the purpose of the foundation.


Rotterdam has put itself on the map as a City of Architecture with the ‘Tweede Maasvlakte’, the Old Port, the recently developed Wilhelmina pier and the beautiful Markthal. Erasmus University also plays a role in this with its renewed buildings at Erasmus MC, the opening of Erasmus University College and expansion of the campus at Woudestein with international allure. The Erasmus Trust Fund recognises the ambitious character of Rotterdam more strongly than ever and it is this can do attitude that is reflected in our vision.

The vision of the Erasmus Trust Fund is based on the strong triad of City, University and Business plus the proactive approach of the Fund itself. We want to inspire the different parties to develop proposals that are based on our three main themes: the university of the future, intelligent cities and entrepreneurial business.

Innovation, entrepreneurship and excellent performance are the guiding principles in shaping the most important sub-themes: innovation, valorisation and internationalization, in addition to acquiring and sharing knowledge and stimulating young entrepreneurship.

The projects that the Erasmus Trust Fund supports every year will have more impact through a clear focus. This means that we want to give out more grants every year and further develop our fundraising strategies.

Our new approach and focus will also appeal to the business community and lead to support for specific projects. A condition is that (research) projects meet a relevant social need, now or in the future.

The Erasmus Trust Fund will cherish its independence, build on its broad experience to bring its network to a higher level, actively raise funds while strengthening ties with the university, its alumni, and the city of Rotterdam.

This collaborative new proposition forms the basis of a renewed Erasmus Trust Fund and offers new opportunities for financing relevant, ground-breaking scientific research and academic education. Moreover, this development will benefit the image of Erasmus University Rotterdam towards future students and employees.