Join our Empower & Equip journey

A great opportunity for young female EUR* & TUD**graduates with 1–3-year work experience. Made possible by the Ondernemende Vrouwen Fonds & Erasmus Trustfonds. We invite you to go on this 6-month journey with us. Give yourself the opportunity to be part of this special group of women and you will:

• Gain valuable insights in yourself and the world around you
• Learn new skills and practice them, so you can be more effective in your job and in life
• Be connected to a network of EUR & TUD alumnae that will support you and your ambitions

Starting a career after your study is exciting, but not a walk in the park. We believe that women can empower women early in their career, by making each other more aware of the power we have and the things that are holding us back.

Our credo is: if we knew at the begin of our career what we know now, life would have been much smoother.

If you are a female EUR* or TUD** alumna and being 1-3 year in the job, we can invite you to apply to the Empower & Equip program. The modules will be facilitated by experienced trainers and hosted by a patron of the OVF***; all women with lots of experience and expertise. During the sessions EUR & TUD alumni share what made them where they are now.

Together we will learn and grow, answer your questions, and support your actions for the next steps. You will meet women from all walks of life with one thing in common: the will to support each other.

6-month program

The next module will start October 2023 life, and all following modules are digital and take place every 4 weeks, between 19.30 – 21.30 hr. We start a new cohort with 18-20 women. The value of this program? As one of the participants said: “I gained insights in myself and learned powerful stuff no one ever told me at university”.

Are you interested in the program? You can find more information here.

Apply now

Please send an email before September 1 with your motivation to join the program and a short resume to Olivia at The program is free of charge and requires your active participation.

*Erasmus University Rotterdam, ** Technische Universiteit Delft, Delft University of Technology, *** Ondernemende Vrouwen Fonds