Student life and well-being

Information about applications for activities that contribute to student life and well-being

This is an application for activities that contribute to student life and well-being, such as the Eurekaweek (introduction week), study trips, and other activities organized by study and student associations recognized by the university.  

How do I submit an application? 


Carefully read the application guidelines and make sure you meet the requirements.

Preview application portal

To see which information is requested in the portal, please consult the preview here. 

Application portal

Go to our application portal and create an account. Do you use a general e-mail address of your association? Then create a unique user first.

Fill in form & add attachments

Fill out the questions in the application portal and submit the necessary documents to your application.


All requested information should be provided in Dutch or English. Please avoid the use of technical abbreviations and jargon, unless adequately explained. 


Submit the complete application before the deadline. 

Application guidelines 

Applications that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted. 

Who can submit an application?
  • The applicant is a representative of an Erasmus University Rotterdam faculty, student-, study– or other organization recognized by the university
  • The application covers all the activities the association wishes to receive financial support for in the current academic year
  • The maximum amount that can be requested is €2.500,-
  • The activities for which support is requested are non-political, non-religious and non-nationalist in nature
  • Partial funding of at least 50% is required from other sources, such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, its faculties and/or third parties
  • The application is submitted before the application round deadline. You can find all deadlines here
  • The activity for which funding is requested starts no earlier than six weeks after the deadline



Applications are carefully processed and confidentially where relevant. 

During the decision procedure, applications are assessed based on the formal eligibility criteria and based on substantive assessment criteria. The assessment criteria, amongst others, take into account: 

  • To what extent the application contributes to the core aims of the Erasmus Trustfonds and/or the named funds 
  • The expected quality of the proposed activities 
  • The expected societal impact of the proposed activities 
  • To what extent the application involves Erasmus University Rotterdam 
  • The quality of the application 
  • Whether the activities can proceed without the support of the Erasmus Trustfonds. 

Grants are awarded based on priority of the application and available budget. 

Applications are assessed by the Erasmus Trustfonds staff and the board. We aim to do so within six weeks. However, in exceptional cases, it might take longer before a decision is made. 

During the decision procedure, we might contact you for further information. 

After a decision has been made 

After we have reviewed the application, a notification of the decision will be sent to you by e-mail. 

If support is granted, the grant letter states the amount granted and the requirements/conditions under which the grant is made. We might, for example, require a report of the activity. 

In the grant letter you are requested to submit a financial and substantive account. Please find a template for this report here.